The CTA CIEMAT group is responsible for the complete mechanical design of the large size telescope camera and its cooling system.

The dimensions of the large size telescope are outstanding compared with traditional telescopes, both by the diameters of its mirror (23 meters) and its camera (3 meters). The camera has a total of 1855 photomultiplier distributed in a roughly circular area with a weight of about two tons and will be installed in the focal plane of the telescope.

The design, manufacturing and testing of mechanical and environmental control system aims to finish their production and assembly by beginning of 2017. The mechanical structure of the camera, has recently been completed and is undergoing verification prior to first mechanical integration tests.

In addition, the group is playing a crucial role for the production of the bogies, which is in its final stage and will be delivered in July 2016. The bogies are elements that allow the azimuthal movement of the telescope, which support the 100 ton telescope on rails. The telescope is equipped with six bogies which weight two tons each. Each bogie has four wheels on two axles oriented to the center of the telescope to minimize efforts.